Leaving school in 1979, I found myself starting working life as an apprentice

sheet metalworker. I worked for a number of companies before I stepped

out on my own designing & manufacturing bespoke, furniture, fittings and artefacts.


I found that I had a talent for making things. And that I could coax the idea from my clients concept right through to completion. At this stage in my career I leapt back into education.


Firstly I took HND in 3D design at my local college in Bedford. Followed by a BA in Spatial Arts and Arts Management at London Metropolitan University. Hosted within the Architectural school we studied alongside & were encouraged to collaborate with the architectural students. Together we learnt so much whilst having the best of times.


So now I title myself as, Paul Pibworth, Artist, Sculptor, Journeyman


Specialties: Artist, Sculptor, Photo-archivist.

Bloopers - when videoing Crucifix presentation
just a bit of fun to watch

The Journeyman Paul Pibworth

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