SHIRES by paul pibworth

“Stanley’s shoes”

“Stanley’s shoes” is a sculpture taking the stance of a shire named Jacob, but has the shoes of Stanley.

Made from stainless steel lettering from a number of interviews with a farmer, farm owner and a farm “Hossman” using the shire to work his land.  This sculpture was at Raveningham Sculpture Trail in Norfolk.  Exhibited for the month of August 2020.


"Stanley's Shoes" is for sale. My full scale horses range in price from £17,000 to £25,000 Please use my contact details for further information or to discuss commissions



Another Project


Potton in Bedfordshire has a new housing development by Kier called "Tall Trees" and I have been lucky enough to be commissioned to design and produce a series of sculptures and interventions around the site.


The pieces are mainly made up using passages of text.  The two installations are going to be surface treatments one is going to be text in pathways and made from stainless steel and the other is going to be messages and text branded into fences and boundaries.


There will be two sculptures first being that of an apple formed into a story telling seat, this will be approx 1 metre in diameter.  The other being a full scale shire horse presented in a working stance.


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