BedPop Fun Palaces





On the weekend of the 3rd / 4th October 2015 I took part in the Exhibition of the "Home of the Awakend Mind"  organised by Bedpop Fun Palaces at the Higgins Museum in Bedford.  Next years event 1st / 2nd October 2016.


With help involvement and partnership using some of the students from Beauchamp Middle School we installed an interactive corridor of sound and light.


In partnership with and

Luton Fun Palaces 2014

The Cave of Dreams was my installation - where jazz music was piped into the space, lights timed to flash with the music.  Text was projected onto surfaces within the cave.


We also projected other artists work onto one complete wall in the cave.

Andrew Tanser (Sculptor, Stone Carver)


After an introduction in 2014 to Andrew I have been partnering on a number of interesting and exciting projects past and present.


Visit Andrew's site to see more of his work.

Bedford College


Partnering with 3 Bedford College students (Zoe, Hannah and Vicky) in the manufacture of Wilstead Man.

Beauchamp Middle School


Partnering with students in the development of Home of the Awakened Mind - Bedpop Fun Palaces.


Also commission in 2015 to produce the schools value in stainless steel lettering.  The fonts were devised by taking some modern fonts and making slight alterations to them by adding to or taking away original elements of the type face.


The teaching staff have devised a game where visitors are asked to find the words around the school.


 We could tell you but it would spoil the game.

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