"Equus Ferrous (Ferus)"


These sculptures are the beginnings the study of the horses four-beat gait in the gallop.  To the Gallop the horse is coaxed from the Canter.  The First beat in the gait of the gallop begins on the left hind leg, beat two is the front left leg, beat three right hind and beat four is the front right leg.  The gallop is the fastest gait of the horse and can reach speeds of up to 30 mph.


This is very much the start of this study which I can see taking around two years to come even close to a conclusion.  The series is called Equus Ferrous, a play on Equus Ferus, Horse Wild, and ferrous meaning iron based steel.  Each of the pieces are named after the position within the four beats.


These table top pieces are for sale and range in price between £1,900 and £2,700 each (there is a series of these sculptures).


I would be delighted to speak to you to discuss further details contact me .  Let's chat.





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